How to implement Patient Reported Outcomes in your Practice

Impelementation of PRO
Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) is a critical component of value-based care. This article will explore the why and how you can utilize PRO in your clinical practice.
What is Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)?
Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) is a set of tools used to measure patient outcomes. It can be used to measure patient satisfaction, experience, perceptions and preferences. PRO allows you to gather information from patients in order to make informed decisions regarding treatment options or medication adjustments. Typically the PRO is completed by patients following their visit and then sent back to their provider for review. The results are then used by your practice so that you're able to provide better care for your patients and improve outcomes for everyone involved!
Why is PRO critical in value-based care?
Patient reported outcomes (PRO) are essentially a way for patients to tell you what they think about your practice The goal of PRO is to measure patient perception and experience by asking them questions that are relevant to their experience with your practice. Patient perception can be important in helping you determine patient satisfaction, both in the short term and long term. It can also help identify areas where there may be gaps between what patients expect from their care and how they perceive they're getting it. Patient engagement is another important aspect of value-based care because it measures whether patients have an active role in their healthcare decisions as well as if they're satisfied with those decisions. This information can help improve communication between providers and patients, leading to better health outcomes for everyone involved -- including providers themselves!
How can I incorporate PRO into my clinical practice?
  • Decide on the type of PRO you want to use, and choose the right tool for the job.
  • Choose a patient-facing tool that will resonate with your patients and make their lives easier.
  • Choose a staff-facing tool that makes it easy for your clinical staff to report in on patient progress without having to spend hours entering data into an electronic medical record (EMR).
  • Choose a budget-friendly option that doesn't strain your practice's finances or resources as much as other options might.
PRO provides a convenient, reliable and valid method of assessing patient outcomes
PRO is a way of measuring the outcomes of your care. It can help you to identify problems, and therefore improve the quality of your service. PRO aids in the development of services, and gives information about how well these services work for patients
Patient reported outcomes are an important part of value-based care. By incorporating PRO into your clinical practice, you can improve outcomes for your patients and ultimately lead to increased revenue.
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