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About Us
At Best Outcomes we amplify positive patient experience at every touch point. We simplify patient reported outcomes through data and AI powered automation.
Best Outcomes is designed as patient centric tool optimized to deliver revenue and efficiency for care givers. A software platform with a patient portal, and physician portal to gather, track, and report ePROs.
Our data-driven methodologies serve as a catalyst for accelerated advancements to your clinics. By offering real-time actionable interventions & streamlined analytics, we pave the way to maximize performance, revenue, and patient outcomes helping propel your practice and provide transformative care.
Our Story
With more than a decade of experience in the healthcare IT we were striving to solve two specific problems with patient-reported outcomes (PROs). We saw that organizations were suffering with low response rates and a large volume of data being collected but with limited usage confined to research studies while this data holds an immense potential driving patients care.
Traditionally, PROs impact limited by complexity and lack of actionable insights. For years, we've collected this data, but too often, it's been passively gathered and then left to gather dust. We knew there had to be a better way—a way to make PROs more than mere data points, a way to transform them into actionable insights for patients and providers alike.
And so, Best Outcomes was born. Our vision? We amplify positive patient experience at every touch point and make PROs actionable. We simplify patient reported outcomes through data and AI powered automation. We set out to create a patient-centric software solution that would unlock the true potential of ePROs.
Here’s how we’re doing it
  • Interpretable Data We believe that data should speak to patients. Our platform translates complex ePROs into clear, interpretable insights. Patients deserve to understand their own health journey, and we’re here to provide that clarity.
  • Feedback Loop It’s not enough to collect data; patients need actionable feedback. With Best Outcomes, patients receive personalized insights based on their ePROs. Whether it’s a gentle nudge toward healthier habits or a reassurance during recovery, our feedback loop empowers patients to take informed actions.
  • Shared Decision-Making Healthcare decisions are a collaborative effort. We champion shared decision-making, where patients and providers come together armed with data. Our platform facilitates these conversations, fostering trust and ensuring that every decision is well-informed.
  • Efficiency and Revenue But it doesn’t end there. By streamlining ePRO collection, we enhance clinic efficiency. Follow-ups become seamless, cancellations decrease, and revenue improves. It’s a win-win for patients and providers alike.
Join Us on this Journey
At Best Outcomes, we’re not just building software; we’re shaping a new era of patient care. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and compassion drives us forward. Trust us to turn data into action, and let’s transform healthcare—together.
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